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General description

As the gypsy looks into her crystal ball, you see a cloud of darkness wells up inside of it; fate, your cruel mistress, is about to kick your sorry behind again!

Unlike in other realms, in Eternal Lands, astrology is real and follows the well-known principle of "there's sunshine after rain" and vice versa. In other words: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

The basic idea behind astrology is that stars influence our everyday Eternal Lands life, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The only way to escape is to take the Skeptic Perk.

Celestial influences

The following elements of Eternal Lands are influenced by astrology

  • Attack and defense level
  • Chance of critical to damage and critical to hit
  • Accuracy
  • Strength of magic spells
  • Failure rate when mixing
  • Chance to make rare items when mixing
  • Equipment degrade/break rate during combat
  • Harvesting event frequency

Indicator and predictor stones

Your astrology modifiers change continuously at variable speeds.

  • Indicator stones show your current astrology modifiers for the associated attributes/stats. Indicators can be made with the engineering skill or purchased from Urania in Arius City in Irilion (C2).
  • Predictor stones show how your astrology modifiers will change in the next 20, 40, and 60 minutes. Indicators can be made with the engineering skill or purchased from Urania in Arius City in Irilion (C2).

For both types of stones, a green bar means "good", and an orange bar means "bad". You must "use" a stone to see the associated information. You should learn about probability to understand the precise specifics.

Construing the stones

  • The chance to make rare items and the degrade rate (break rate) work on a 10k basis which is modified by the astrology bonus. (The bonus number is added to 10k).
    • Example 1 (make rare): Let's assume the chance to make a Potion of Extra Mana (EMP) is 1 in 1k and your astrology bonus towards making a rare item is +200. The chance to make an EMP, then, is 10 in 10k, and with the bonus, it's 10 in 10,200. That shows that a positive bonus to make a rare item is bad. A bonus of say -400 would lead to a chance of 10 EMP's in 9600.
    • Example 2 (degrade): Let's assume the chance to break a Crown of Life is 1 in 10k, and your degrade modifier is +200. Then, the chance for the crown to break is 1 in 10200, which is better than 1 in 10k.
    • A No More Tears Cape gives a factor of 4 which is applied to the modified chance to degrade for equipped items. In the above "Degrade" example, the chance to break would be 1 in 4*10200=40800 and not 1 in 4*10000+200=40200.
  • Harvesting events
    • Harvest event modifier ranges from -90 to +90. This applies to the frequency of regular harvest events (mini events not counted into these). So a green bar gives you more events, this results in more damage and interruptions, but also increases the chance for you to find a stone (esp. when combined with the "Increased harvesting events" day). A red bar decreases the event rate. This is very good, when you want to protect your precious harvest medallions. Wear them now, since your chance of losing them is much lower than normal.
    • Note 1: There is no guarantee to find a stone even if you have max green astrology AND the mentioned special day combined.
    • Note 2: Breakage of harvest medallions only is related to events (and the frequency of those) and NOT to degrading (astrology) effects.
  • Attack level
    • Attack modifier is dependent on your actual attack skill value. For every 20 attack levels you gain -1/+1 in attack modifier range. So, if you have let's say an attack skill between 120-139, the range is -6 to +6. This directly applies to your attack skill. A green bar will give you the benefit of a higher attack value, a red bar will lower your attack power. The green bar can be compared with using an attack potion but lasting much longer. You can also combine it with drinking one of course.
    • Note: Higher or lower attack values resulting from astrology won't influence the experience you gain in contrast to the use of attack potions.
  • Defense level
    • Defense modifier is dependent on your actual defense skill value. For every 20 defense levels you gain -1/+1 in defense modifier range. So, if you have let's say an defense skill between 120-139, the range is -6 to +6. All said about the attack modifier applies here as well (incl. the notes), but this time defense skill is in focus instead of attack skill.
    • Note 1: Higher or lower defense values resulting from astrology won't influence the experience you gain in contrast to the use of defense potions.
    • Note 2: A defense modifier won't change your defense ignore value of aggressive critters in any way. So, if you just hit the defense ignore level of a critter, a red (negative) defense modifier won't let it attack you again. Also a green (positive) defense modifier won't allow you to bypass an aggressive critter which you were close to be ignored by with your natural defense level.
  • Magic
    • Magic modifier ranges from -9 to +9. This applies directly to your magic skill. A green bar will make you a stronger mage, because some spells are increased in strength (not duration), a red bar with a negative value will result in lower powered spells.
    • Example: The restore spell can give you up to 18HP more per restore with max green astrology or if you are unlucky, you restore up to 18HP less than normal.
    • Note 1: The magic modifier DOESN'T influence the required magic level to be able to cast a spell at all.
      For example: You have a magic level of 35 and you have a green (positive) modifier of +7, so in theory you have magic level 42, but still you won't be able to cast MD (required level of 40). The same applies to the red (negative) modifier as well: Your character will still be able to cast mana drain, with a natural magic level of 45 and a negative modifier of let's say -7. This is in contrast when looking at the use of magic pots. Magic 35 and a potion is enough to cast MD (at least for a short while).
    • Note 2: The magic modifier also DOESN'T affect the failsafe level of a spell. The failsafe level of a spell is calculated like this: (Magic level required to cast spell) + 28. Example: Casting MD needs level 40, so at level 68 you will never fail it again, regardless of a negative modifier.
  • Critical
    • Critical to hit modifier ranges from -8 to +8. This applies to your chance to hit a creature in melee combat critically. A green bar increases your chances, a red bar decreases it. Knowing your astrology here can be very useful when it comes to training a/d. A thoughtful trainer will adapt his weapon choice to his astrology if possible. A nice green modifier can result in choosing a lower (less expensive) weapon for training with same hit/kill results than choosing your "normal" weapon. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to train your creature when this bar reaches red figures. Perhaps you need to compensate it with a better weapon or other means of strengthening yourself.
    • Critical to damage modifier ranges from -8 to +8. All I said about critical to hit modifiers, applies here as well. A green bar is good for dealing out more critical damage in melee combat (nice for invances/invasions etc.), a red bar lowers the critical damage you make in melee combat.
  • Accuracy
    • Accuracy modifier ranges from -6 to +6. This applies to the accuracy for hitting a creature in melee combat. A green bar increases the accuracy, a red bar decreases it. Again this may influence your training. If you have green astrology here and feel comfortable with hit rates, you may try to wear a unicorn medallion to increase your defense by 4. If a red astrology makes it harder for you to train a creature, because you miss a lot, try to compensate that by using a moon medallion (+4 accuracy and armor).
  • Failure rate
    • Failure modifier ranges from -9 to +9. This is the most important astrology value for mixers, esp. when attempting high level items, as this modifier applies directly to all mixing skills (ALC, POT etc.). A green bar with positive numbers is good, since you will (critical) fail less items. A red bar isn't that nice, since you have a higher failure rate, perhaps not so notable when creating items you are well above the recommended level anyway. This modifier stacks with potion effects (like mentioned in the A/D indicator section) or god blessings.
    • Example: Your natural manufacturing level is 50, with max green astrology of +9 and the use of a manufacturing potion, it can go temporarily up to 64 (50+9+5), or even better: combine your good astrology with a blessing to reach level 67 even (50+9+8).

Recording your astrology

By right clicking on Indicator or Predictor results the results will be printed to the screen and stored in system log. By combining with date and time, using 48 hour cycle you can roughly predict your astrology in the future.

Perks adjusting astrology