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Asgard's Realm Combat Level Calculator

Calculate your combat level from your Attack, Defense and Cross-Attributes.

Unofficial Tab Maps

These "Tab" maps (DDS) are used to replace the in-game maps with ones that have more detail and for areas that don't have official Tab maps.

A list of available unofficial tab maps and how to install them are on the Custom maps page.

Cohors Exercitus Legionis

Ghrae wrote the book on the Eternal Lands (or more exactly the definitive website).

Updated "Tab" Maps (DDS) created by Olivine are available for download from the CEL site. These were updated June 2013 and have a higher resolution than the Bloodsucker maps. They also include the maps changes that have been implemented in recent game versions.

Eternal Lands Services

Run by DogBreath, Krrick, Draavel, Sir_Odie and others. (If wrong, please do correct)

  • Offers
    • Bot hosting
    • Custom Clothes
    • Item Search
    • PK Server bots
    • Twitter of Global Messages

GWaR's Ingredient Breakdown

GWaR has done a fantastic job of displaying the breakdowns of how to make anything without having to wait for the whole list and search through it.

SolarStar's Firefox Extension and Instance calculator

Official Reference for all Recipes

Rip's Market Search

This meta search machine has the goal to become the most complete and user friendliest search engine for the Eternal Lands Market. Right now it has

  • Several bot running services, and single ran bots services in his result list
  • NPC prices
  • Schmurk's Corner search results
  • A colored system to see who is online and who not
  • Sortable results

Scientia Potentia Est

OpenSearch browser plugins for Firefox, IE and Chrome created by Choris

Schmurk's Corner

A website whose goal is to offer a free advertising service to players of the free MMORPG Eternal Lands. Users can easily show the items they are selling and buying with two methods.

  • The first method is a page where items are shown in tables with their corresponding image, quantity and price.
  • The second method is an image that is showing a preview of the previous page.
  • It is also possible to search items among the pages of all users in order to find some interesting deals.

Services on Twitter

  • On the list is...
    • Gossip - Invasions/Special #days.
    • Teh Master - #globals/Lottery/etc
    • Radu's twitter

Sir Odie's Eternal-Lands-Services

  • Sir Odie's EL-Services
  • At the moment he offers
    • a current version of the EL-Encyc
    • a current version of the EL-Client for Windows
    • a current version of the EL-Client for MacOS X
    • a Custom-Clothing-Service see Custom clothes for a description.

Zalic's Tools

  • Zalic's User Stats Display Page - By typing a username in the box and clicking on the "Go Calculate" button the page will display the user's basic attributes, cross attributes, skills, EMU, Ethereal Points (Mana), Material Points (Health) and Combat Level all in one nicely formatted display page.
    • Firefox plugin EL interactive Player Statistic
    • Additionally you can see how the users stats would change by adding/removing points in Basic Attributes
    • Additionally you can the last time user was online .... If the datafile isn't corrupted as it usualy is - zalic
  • EL Manufacturable items - a quick guide for manufacturable items
  • #exp - a tool that shows a graphical representation of your skills


Mercator is an in-game bot that also offers external tools via a webpage interface. Next to normal trades, Mercator also offers:

  • Chronological in-game announcements
  • An overview over the last Invances
  • An overview over the past Special Days
  • The winners of the in-game lottery

If you set up a login there are some other interesting services like:

  • A PM <-> e-mail gateway
  • an additional way to watch the online status of others

… and some other features like a news service via e-mail for Special Days.

See the Mercator's bot page for more info!