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Simple Weapons

Simple Weapons have no fire, ice, magic or radioactive damage.

Basic Swords

Basic Swords have no fire, ice, magic or radioactive damage.

Great Swords

Battle Hammers and Axes

Battle Hammers and Axes have no fire, ice, magic or radioactive damage.

Special Weapons

Special Weapons have no fire, ice, magic or radioactive damage.

Enchanted Swords

Two-handed Weapons

Modable Swords

Modable swords are made by chance when manufacturing Basic Swords. Modable swords cannot be equipped! They are used for manufacturing enchanted Swords of Fire, Ice, Magic and Thermal, all of which can be equipped.


Special Great Swords

  • Special Swords are made by chance when manufacturing Great Swords, the chances increase directly proportional to your Manufacturing level if it is above the recomended one.
  • They have the same stats as their ordinary counterpart but additionally offer special stats or effects.
  • Special effects for Special Great Swords are triggered when you hit except for Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana.
  • They degrade to the normal damaged version of the weapon, i.e. Used Cutlass

Enchanted Swords

  • The Enchanted Swords will degrade to the normal version of damaged weapons. This means they will lose the enchanting and will damage. For example the Titanium Serpent Sword of Fire will degrade to a Pre-owned Serpent Sword
  • The enchanted serpent swords (ice, fire, magic, thermal) and the enchanted titanium long swords (ice, fire, magic, thermal) can not be made and must be bought in the shop. It is deceptive that books are readable.


Fighting with arrows can cause them to break with relatively high chance. Also the player will suffer significant defence and accuracy loss !! For arrows, minus 30 defence and minus 20 accuracy. For bolts, minus 30 defence and minus 15 accuracy.

Radioactive Swords

There are only three radioactive weapon in the game. The R1, R2 and the scythe.

Super Swords

Super Swords give high damage through the use of action points or radioactive damage with every successful hit.

Shop Only Items

Items with gold background highlighting are only available from the shop.

They may also randomly appear when using a Random item giver.

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