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In these Eternal Lands there are many special days, some for good, and some for ill. This guide will present you with the game text in italics and a chance to fully understand the benefits/hazards of each day.


These days will give you an advantage.

Day of Aleksei Stakhanov

English: 3x experience for harvesting

Role Playing: Aleksei Stakhanov is in the town today, teaching harvesters how to harvest resources more effectively. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksei_Grigorievich_Stakhanov for more info about him.

  • Check, if you have unfinished quests giving harvest experience. Otherwise, spend the whole day harvesting at the limits of your harvesting abilities. Mushrooms are a popular choice as they do not require Inorganic Nexus.

Day of Alfred Nobel

Today Alfred Nobel is visiting us. You get twice the engineering experience.

This means you get four times the experience in engineer school.

  • Even if engineering is not your cup of tea, you might consider making some ashes which do not require books. At school you earn x4 experience.

Day of Faster Repawns

All the creatures that respawn today have a shorter respawn time

Respawn time is reduced.

Day of half Cooldowns

Today all cooldowns are half of the normal duration.

  • You can manufacture faster. Also, fruits become a suitable food to mix fire essences, cooked meat for leather gloves etc. Experiment with food choices.

Day of the Horses

Today horses will last longer.

Day of Joule

English: Half the food for manufacturing/potion/etc. skills

Role Playing: Today we celebrate James Prescott Joule. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Prescott_Joule for more info on who he was and what he did

What does this mean to you? Everything you do in the "Manufacturing" window requires but half the food costs. Altough if you fail the mixing the food consume is the normal amount.

What can you do? For maximum effect put on the gray cloak (Power Saving) and mix things such as Fire Essences, Water Essences, and Thread, which only use 1 food normally, as they now use 0. OR do those items that normally require your FULL food counter and then some... Either way - this day is a day you use the "Manufacturing" window as much as possible. Storages become crowded, when people stop harvesting and run through their storage on this day.

This day can be sponsored by players using a Joule Day Stone.

Day of Magic

Today you gain twice the magic experience.

Day of Mana

Today you get more mana from potions

Day of Manufacturing

Today we get twice the manufacturing experience!

  • Walk to Trik with leather and thread, make and sell helmets. Rinse and repeat.
  • This includes some but not all quests
  • At school you earn x4 experience.

Day of Mushrooms

Today toadstools are quite a bit safer to eat.

(implemented 5th day in the month of Seedar, the year 0037, Age of the Eternals aka approximately October 25, 2013 @ 05:23 AM)

Server Update

  • Special day or not, Poison kills the unwary. But if you have more than 60 material points, ways to restore your health or store everything, this day is good for using toadstools as food while manufacturing. If you plan to bring along ingredients and harvest toadstools for food, Valley of the Dwarves has a good spot.

Day of No Grief

English: No weapons and armors break today (in combat).

Role Playing: Today our planet is passing throughout an area in our universe where the electromagnetic law is slightly different, and this is causing the armors, weapons and clothes to not break for the duration of this day, from normal combat.

Day of Positivity

Today some negative perks don't work.

Perks that don't work:

Day of the Print

English: Today there is a chance that once you read a book you will instantly assimilate the knowledge.

Day of Recycling

English: 5% chance of not losing the ingredients while using the manufacture window

Role Playing: Today we use the resources in a more efficient way, allowing for better production of items and animals.

  • Spend the whole day manufacturing, starting from the most expensive items.

Day of Robin Tell

The legendary Robin Tell is visiting us today, and all the ranging experience is doubled!

This is a popular mid-day substitute for unpopular days.

Day of Running

Today we use less food while running

Players using speed hax need to eat less to keep their food level up to continue running.

Day of Schools

Today if you use a school, you get 3 times the exp (instead of 2 times)

Day of Summoners

2x summoning experience.

Day of Sun Tzu

English: 2x experience for attack and defense

Role Playing: Sun Tzu is in town, teaching people about how to be better at killing others. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Tzu

This day can be sponsored by players using a Sun Tzu Day Stone.

Day of Tailoring

Today you get twice the tailoring exp. At school you earn x4 experience.

Day of Bones

Today, everyone can eat bones. Some creatures will also drop more bones.

  • For example, armed skeletons drop 10 (instead of 6) and skeletons 12 bones (8). Phantom warriors still drop 6, so the list appears closed.
  • On every day but this one, the I Eat Dead People Perk is required to eat bones.

Healing Day

English: 5 health points restored every minute, regardless of food level.

Role Playing: Today it is Aluwen's birthday, so everyone get their health restored much, much faster.

  • A good day for all activities. For a mixer, toadstools are much safer today.

Increased rare manufacturing day

English: Increased rate of producing a better product today while creating new items (Alching, manufacturing, etc.)

Role Playing: All the Gods that patron manufacture related skills are happy, so that might reflect in you today's production of items.

  • Try to manufacture everything that has a chance of giving a rare item (essences, potions, weapons).

Non Stop Day

Today you don't stop harvesting when you trigger a mini harvesting event.

  • The description is somewhat misleading - there just are no mini harvesting events. A good day to restock low level flowers. Consider not wearing the Harvester Medallion.

Day of Evanescence

Today everyone (including mobs) have the Evanescence perk. (won't show in the perks list)

Reconstruction Day

English: Today, there is a chance that when you use an item, it will not disappear from your inventory.

Role Playing: For reasons unknown to us, perhaps a time space anomaly, some items do not dissapear after being used.

On this day, any food, book, potion, ring, or other consumable product has a chance of giving you the benefit of having used it, while remaining in your inventory. This is a particularly great day to some of that hunting (combat training) you've been putting off.

  • You should have an expensive book or two in your storage waiting for this special day. You shouldn't use any Removal Stone or Potion of Archery AP except on this day.

Scholars Day

English: More experience in any skill, cumulative with the gods exp.

Role Playing: A group of scholars is visiting our lands, spreading knowledge all over. OOC: crappy explanation, no?

  • The xp increase for each skill will be random and can diversify between +1% and +42% (estimated).
    • highest recorded on 12th day in the month of Vespia, the year 0051 (Sat 8th July 2017) (+41%)
  • Big Books which are sold by Expila also count if the book is finished on Scholars Day.

Scientists Day

English: No knowledge required today (for harvest, manufacture, alchemy, etc.).

Role Playing: Umm, just read the English description, I don't feel like making a 'story' about it, it's 12 am and I have to go to work tomorrow. :D

  • While having the knowledge from a given book is not required, having the needed nexus (harvesting for example) is still required. If you have the required nexus, this is a good day to advance in skills tutorial quests without first reading a book.

Day of Armor

English: Today players have a +4 armor bonus.

  • This day allows you to absorb more damage, so you will do better in combat.


These days give you a negative effect, but they can (and mostly are) be removed.

Acid Rain Day

English: Each minute you spend outside when it rains, there is a chance for the items you WEAR to get damaged and disappear.

Role Playing: Our scientists have discovered an increase in the acidity of the rain, due to the increased pollution from the dwarf and gnome factories. Anyone being hit by the rain might lose some of the items they wear.

In game: This can happen when there is no rain but items can be destroyed. When asked a moderator about this: sometimes it can seem to not be raining when it's a very minor drizzle, so... yes and no

  • If you ever see this day (it is nearly always removed in minutes), just do not wear anything. You are safe inside (including caves, so harvest minerals) and in Desert Pines where it never rains.

Day of Fasting

English: No eating this day. Yeah, I know, you hate us.

Role Playing: Today is the day when we pay respect to our gods, whether we respect them or not :D

What does this mean to you? It means you're ability to research will cease to exist, your ability to mix will rapidly end, and your ability to regenerate damage/mana ends with that hunger counter hitting 0. Consuming Creature food, despite its name, is still possible.

What can you do? Harvest, Cast Spells, Drink Potions (other than Feasting), Attack/Defend, and of course Chat with folks.

  • Rabbit animal tokens despite giving food points work this day.
  • A good day for Real Life :). Read a book (paper pages bound together), fix that thing in your house or garden, go out, ...

Day of Murphy

English: ALL the failures are critical (ingredients lost)

Role Playing: Anything that can go wrong, will. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy's_law

  • Stop manufacturing.

Day of No Rostogols

English: Today the rostogol stones do not work

Role Playing:

  • Consider leaving valuable items in storage or have a guildie accompany you in dangerous situations. Do not carry rostogol stones.

Day of the Brave

English: no fleeing today (not even with disengagement rings).

Role Playing: Today everyone is so brave, so that no one can flee from a fight. So all fights are to the death

  • One of the few bad days that is not removed right away. Only high level monsters are a bit more dangerous.
  • Lenny is also affected by this day so good day to hunt him.

Green Day

English: No harvesting of any kind today.

Role Playing: Today we honor Mother Nature by not stripping her of her resources.

Labour Day

English: No manufacturing (anything requiring the mix window) today.

Role Playing: today we celebrate the labour day, by... umm, not working. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Solar Flares Day

English: Today, if you are out at daytime, you lose 2 hp/minute.

Role Playing: Our scientists have noticed a solar activity increase, so the UV rays and the solar wind are going to cause damage to all living beings (Isla Prima not affected). We recommend staying indoors during the daytime.

  • This day should remind you not to leave your char outside AFK for hours. Note that with the Fast Regeneration cape or perk you are safe, as long as your food level is positive (you will even regenerate slowly).


These days can be considered good as well as bad, depending on your focus.

Day of Invasions

English: The invasions last more, are harder, and have a higher chance to happen.

Automatic invasions are more likely to occur- on first test run there were 3(?) invasions during an EL day. GIWS will still warn and update you about what's going on. Chance increases throughout the day.

Day of Stronger Animals and Monsters

All the animals and monsters that respawn today get an a/d bonus.

Players also get more experience for fighting those that respawn this day.

This day does not have any effect on invasion/invance/instance mobs (as they do not respawn).

Day of the Dead

English: This day, there is a random chance that when an entity dies (human or computer controlled) it will respawn full health where it died, without dropping

Role Playing: Mortos has some extra power today, so he will randomly save any living (or undead) being from it's ultimate fate.

Entities engaged in combat before they died will still be engaged in combat after respawning.

Decreased Harvesting Events Day

English: Today there is reduced chance to trigger random harvesting events.

Role Playing: Gaia is pissed off today, she declared that today random events while harvesting will be even more rare.

Increased Harvesting Events Day

English: Today there is an increased chance to trigger random harvesting events.

Role Playing: Gaia is happy today, she is granting additional random events to those that harvest today.

Decreased Rare Manufacturing day

English: Decreased rate of producing a better product today while creating new items (manufacture, alchemy, etc.).

Role Playing: All the gods that patron manufacture related skills are mad at j00, so that might reflect in your today's production of items.

Leonard's Day

Leonard is very happy today, so he is considerably stronger, and stays awake the whole day.
He also gets killed a lot more since easier to find.

No Drops Day

English: No items drop when players or AI die. Rostogol stones will disappear as usually though.

Role Playing:

  • Had doubts if you are ready for this monster? Go on, try it out fully equipped.
  • Don't carry rostogol stones.

Peace Day

English: No fighting today, you can't attack players, animals or monsters, and the animals or monsters won't attack you either.

Role Playing: Today we celebrate life and, as such, we will not fight with each other, nor will will harm any life form.

Also, spells such as Remote Heal will not function. Ants can still fight on Peace Day.

  • A day to visit dangerous parts of the world. Go buy books in Grubani, Naralik or North Redmoon, find the dragons, look what Hulda looks like. Note that in PK areas, you can still be killed with mines, so harvesting in Nordcarn north cave or walking to hydrogenium are never 100% safe.

Scotty's Vacation

English: No #beam me up.

Role Playing: Umm.. Scotty has to take his cat to the vet today, so he can't beam you up.

Day of More Grief

English: Higher chances of items breaking today.

Role Playing: Today our planet is passing throughout an area in our universe where the electromagnetic law is slightly different, and this is causing the armors, weapons, tools and clothes to be slightly weaker, thus increasing their chance to break.