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A guild is a group of people who decided to come together under a shared guild tag.

Guilds can make policies towards other guilds, such as alliances or enmities and institutionalize them by game mechanisms (see commands below).

Players are sometimes judged by their guild tag.

Guilds sometimes hold public events; the Rivan Warriors (Riva) guild has an annual charity raffle [1].

General request

Please, add your guilds information to the guild list. We request that you respect the content of guilds other than your own. I should not have to say this, but should you edit content for a guild other than your own you will have your editor status removed, even if by request of that guild. Modifying their format to keep it consistent in look/feel of the rest of the wiki is legal. Remember there's history, everything you do is logged. {Sorry, the lawyers made me do this --DragonCairn 19:56, 27 December 2007 (UTC)}

Guild list

Historical Guild list

These guilds do not exist any more but are left to follow rules and for historical reasons. Members have moved on and remaining members have been inactive for years.

Guild commands

A list of all guild related commands can be found on the commands page.